8 Foot - Sarla Birla Academy, Bangalore

Gani & Sons: "YOU NAME IT, WE'LL MAKE IT." This sums up our spirit!

4 Foot White Dial

Gani & Sons: "YOU NAME IT, WE'LL MAKE IT." This sums up our spirit!

6 Foot - ICF Chennai

Gani & Sons: "YOU NAME IT, WE'LL MAKE IT." This sums up our spirit!

8 Foot - SBA Workshop

Gani & Sons: "YOU NAME IT, WE'LL MAKE IT." This sums up our spirit!

All the Tower Clocks are Quartz controlled and therefore give highly accurate time keeping, however if the customer wants a traditional mechanical 8 day manual winding Tower Clock or even one with automatic electric winding, the same will be made by GANI & SONS though comparatively, costs will be very high.

Depending on the customer's specifications, Computer controlled Giant sized alphanumeric digital (day & night visibility) Outdoor Displays on building faces or roof tops, with Electro Magnetic Displays can also be made , to show the Time, Temperature, Advertising message of the customer and even any public message.

A Population Clock is a unique feature that can also b e added to this Giant Alpha-Numeric Display System. On-line messages can be fed in directly from an on-line computer keyboard.

A REVERSO (anti-clockwise) Tower Clock ?? Our Super Speciality. YOU NAME IT WE'LL MAKE IT.

GANI & SONS are responsible for making what is probably India's First vermin & Moisture Proof Industrial Clock, the Dial : 450mm Square, the Case: Fiberglass, in both single faced & double faced versions. This was a custom made clock. However nowadays due to space constraints GANI & SONS have largely switched to the Master & Slave Format, wherein dial sizes between 2 feet and 20 feet fit in perfectly. Master & Slave Tower Clocks also allow for a good many models & Designer Outdoor Clocks.

OUTDOOR PILLAR CLOCKS with musical chiming and striking on the Hour every hour, or other models of outdoor clocks can be made. GANI & SONS have introduced the new State-of-the-Art PILLAR CLOCKS.


Accurate time keeping controlled by Quartz frequency
State-of-the-art desk top Master Clock
Westminister Chimes Or Musical Chimes (on the hour) + External Sound System
All sound systems will have Striking of the hours preceded by the Chimes
The Pillar is cast iron, paint finished which is also GUARANTEED - from normal weather conditions - for ONE YEAR
The only Horologists in India who have such a comprehensive range of Products - ONLY quality brands stocked in each item.